In Person Sessions

In person sessions are by appointment only in Philly, PA

in person Sessions

In person sessions are by appoinment only.  You do not need to choose one. Together we will decide whats best for you. When you book your session simply click a duration of time.

Investment ranges from $100 – $165. Packages & Gift Certifiates are available when you click ‘book my session’. 

Initial appointments include “chat time” to complete a health history and a deeper understanding of what your goals are.  It can be as simple as saying “I’d like a relaxation massage” or a deeper conversation to learn how pain impacts your daily life.  Together we create a session you feel comfortable with.  Every session includes a mix of techniques to meet your specific needs.  Here you will find a list of specialties. When you book a session simply chose the duration of time.  *If this is your first session please chose “Initial Appointment“.

Therapeutic Massage

Every offering with me includes therapeutic touch.  Whether you’re coming in for neck pain, unexplained chronic pain or energy work, each session is customized to meet your specific needs on the day of your session.

CranioSacral Therapy

This light touch form of body work focuses on calming the central nervous system. It combines gentle touch and energy work for a deeply relaxing session unlike anything you have ever experienced.

Reiki / Energy Work

Reiki is a Japanese technique for stress reduction. This is a very gentle session that helps to balance your energetic centers, frequently referred to as chakras. During this session I complete an energetic reading whiling calming your energetic body.  If you are feeling out of sorts and can’t quiet put your finger on it -or- if you’re a new empath and want to learn about your gifts & how to manage your energetic body this session is for you!

Scar Tissue

Whether you just had a c-section or a mastectomy, scar tissue is the new word in your life.  During this session we use gentle techniques to begin to break up the scar tissue. This session can improve mobility and the overall appearance of scars.  It doesn’t matter how long ago you had surgery you can come in for an evaluation.

1:1 Coaching

Together we work to go beyond your pain.  Each session includes, chat time to develop a deeper understanding of your pain pattern, body work to address the physical pain, and homework.  If you are ready to take steps to put your pain behind you, I am ready to guide you through this.  Come in and lets get started!

Oncology Care

This is an extremely gentle massage that takes into consideration a complete health history, your current or past chemo care and radiation history.   I was one three massage therapists selected to work at the #1 cancer center in the region, the Abramson Cancer Center.  I am also a Preferred Provider for Unite For Her and accept their Passport. *Unite for Her passport holders: when booking your session please choose the Unite For Her Session.

Chronic Pain

Do your emotions seem to bubble up until you’re in pain? Are you at a place where you’ve been in pain so long no one knows why or how you could be in this situation after all these years?  If this sounds like you, email me.  Together we can figure out a plan to help you through this.

Prenatal Massage

This one’s for the mama’s to be.  I am certified in pre/post natal massage and love making you as comfy as possible during the most beautiful time in your life.  There’s no better time to treat yourself! You deserve it!