The journey through change is so much easier when you’ve got someone to walk with you.

The journey through change is so much easier when you’ve got someone to walk with you.

Exhausted, overwhelmed,

and highly sensitive?

Mama, you don’t have to do this alone. I’m here to guide you. Whether you’re looking to take small steps or giant leaps I’ve got you covered. If you’re dipping your toes in the water, start with our mini course 21 Days of Tapping In. Ready to go deep & dedicate yourself to your awakening. Join me for a 3.5 month coaching program, The Awakened Journey. (COMING SOON!) No matter where you are on your path I’ve got you covered. Keep exploring to learn more or sign up for my email list to stay in the know.


Two easy-peasy ways we can work together to get you back to a place of peace & ease


Choose between my 3.5 month Awakened Journey coaching program or sign up for Spirited: The VIP Day to Transform Your Soul.

Courses & Workshops

Spiritually Curious™? Choose the tools and guidance you need to continue on your spiritual journey, whether that’s a few minutes per day or an in-depth, dedicated course that will transform your life over several weeks. I’ve got you covered.

Ilia is an incredibly skilled practitioner, and you’ll know it from the first five minutes of talking to her. She’s compassionate, intuitive, and her “sneaky deep” approach left me walking out feeling taller, more open, and very much cared for. She’s the best.

Brianna E. | Acupuncturist

I have gone to Ilia for both massage and craniosacral work over the past few years, and can’t recommend either of these services highly enough. Beyond the physical healing component, Ilia always manages to provide healing on a deeper, more energetic level. Her work is part massage, part magic. And she will put anyone at ease.

Devon L. | Director of Education

Working with Ilia has been a godsend…Not only is she a warm and loving person, but she is incredibly insightful and taps into her intuitive gifts in order to customize to her clients their unique and unmet needs. I knew I was struggling along my own personal/spiritual path and the moment Ilia stepped in, things began to quickly change and transform. It was like a dark veil was lifted from my life, and underneath was an untapped goldmine of wisdom and enlightenment, all provided through the wisdom, the tools, and exercises Ilia sent me each week…I would recommend Ilia for your personal, professional, and spiritual needs.

Karen L. | Blogger

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