How are those New Year’s Resolutions working out for you?? If you feel like they’re not working out, I have some good news for you: January is not the time to set resolutions. Stay with me, I know we have been taught our entire lives that January is GO TIME!!

So much has happened in the past month, and there’s so much potential for you to feel off-track or like your resolutions aren’t working out, especially this year, when we’re all trying to regain some semblance of control. No doubt your energy is overloaded and now guilt & self defeat are becoming a part of your inner dialogue. However, I don’t believe in resolutions in general, and for good reason.

January – aka WINTER – is the time for hibernation.

The idea that you’re meant to both set intentions and start acting on them all within the first month of the New Year is counter-productive to our natural rhythm, because right now, you’re in hibernation mode– and you still have a few weeks to go. Instead of fighting it and eventually having to give in to this mode of rest, embrace it. Here’s what this might look like:

Picture your spirit curling up in a warm ball, completely at rest, and closing her eyes. There’s a soft soothing song playing that melts into the background. She’s feeling content and is intentionally capturing the peace that comes with being so comfortable and relaxed that you embrace closing your eyes and letting each passing second gently wrap you in another layer of warmth and gratitude.

Now isn’t that exactly what you need? Winter is the time to hibernate, including spiritually. This time is a gift, and should not be rushed. You have planted your seeds, and you’re letting them settle in, take their own time, and show you when they are really ready for you.

You still have plenty of time to work with those seeds of intentions you already tucked away as resolutions or goals. Or, you can also plant new ones based on how your priorities have changed over the first month of the New Year. Use this time to retreat inward, reflect, and focus on what meaningful change is a priority for you right now.
Here are a few simple exercises or small routine changes that can help you embrace and enjoy the rest of your hibernation period:

  • When you’re feeling rushed or stressed, return to the image of your cozy and content spirit as a reminder to slow down and get back to moving at a pace that actually serves you.
  • Challenge yourself to sit with your thoughts in the long evenings whenever you can – turn off the TV, don’t worry about chores, and close Instagram. Actually sit with your thoughts and emotions. If you’d like, get a journal or piece of paper and record what you’re thinking as each moment passes by.
  • Lower your caffeine intake – if you tend to feel tired in the afternoons, switch to herbal tea or hot water with lemon to still keep you warm, but give you a sustainable boost of hydration instead of a caffeine surge. It gets dark early, and it’s natural for you to feel a little more tired or slow while your body is tuned in to the sun setting earlier.

And a reminder in case you need it: we’re approaching the stage when you’ll notice more daylight embracing you each day, and how this will gently uplift you as each week passes. Now is the time to keep going slow, and making the most of it.

While going through this process, it’s also a perfect time to get in tune with your spirit so she can help you find your way. If you need a little help connecting to your inner knowing…we’re here to support your spiritual needs.

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