Whether you’re a spiritual newbie or an old school goddess there’s a few tools you’re definitely going to want to have! Here’s a list of my favorites…

Crystals, crystals and more crystals!!! My #1 favorite crystal is Selenite. Why ? So happy you asked! Selenite is the ultimate clearer. It not only will clear your energy field it will clear all of your other crystal friends too. She requires no maintenance at all. Meaning she technically doesn’t need to be cleared in order to keep doing her job BUT I believe she deserves it for all her hard work. So I put her under the full moon light monthly to help her out. However, BE CAUTIOUS with your selenite she can not be placed under water b/c she will literally wash away & if you purchase her raw she does have a tendency to splinter so I prefer polished. Totally up to you!

Next up…. Pendulums! Oh my, where would I be without my pendulum? The tool that can help you make decisions, clear your energy and find your keys, YES PLEASE!!! Pendulums are natural energy readers and are one of my favorite go to tools. Once you find a pendulum you love it’s really important to clear it & connect your energy to it. There’s several ways to do this but one of the fastest is to grab your selenite, let it rest with her overnight & then have it in your pocket with you all the time. Wanna learn how to connect deeply with your pendulum? check out my free guide to connecting with you pendulum right here.

If you need a pendulum, good news! I happen to make the most beautiful pendulums available on the market (yes, I am biased, lol) but check out these beautiful pics and email me here if you’d like me to make you one. You can also check out our sister instagram page Pendulums With Purpose.

And where would a spiritual goddess be without her tarot cards & oracle decks. If you’re super new I suggest beginning with oracle decks. Oracle decks are super easy to use b/c once you connect to the deck you can easily pull a card and read the handy dandy booklet that normally comes with it for your message. My favorite deck is by Alanna Fairchild: Sacred Rebels, but there are sooooooo many to choose from. Now tarot can get a bit trickier b/c you really need to learn the meanings and symbols of the cards. There are some great books to help with that, my favorite is 78 Degrees of Wisdom by Rachel Pollack. And I absolutely recommend that every beginner start with the traditional Rider – Waite Deck.  This is the foundational deck. Once you learn how to read this deck you can read any other deck including the abstract ones with ease.

And last but not least you’re gonna need some supplies for smoke washing – Smoke washing is vital to keeping your energy field, your home and tools clear. I have so much to say about this topic BUT to keep it simple I’ll stick to my favorite go to & why. Drum rollllllll please…… Palo Santo, which translates into sacred wood. This tool has been used by shamans forever ( well a really long time). Why? Mostly, because of its ability to not only clear energy but to invite in the new positive energy. Not all smoke washing tools invite positive energy (looking at you sage) and not many people know there’s another step needed to complete the cleansing. Which is why I love Palo Santo – It’s a one stop shop tool. HOWEVER buyer beware…. b/c the spirituality movement is growing these trees are being cut down at an astronomical rate. In order to keep the balance please be sure to purchase from ethical growers with practices that honor not only the lineage of the trees but the importance of doing no harm.

And lastly friend YOU’re in luck, I have partnered with an ethical biz Elements of Aura to curate some of my favorite tools into the Spiritually Curious Tool Kit. You can get one right here!!!! Everything you need to get started is inside & then some!!!!

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