You have the ability to be so much more.

And all it takes is a little courage and willingness to stretch out of your comfort zone to get there.


For years, I walked through life, stung by the knowing

…I could be so much more.

My intuition whispered this to me day after day after day after day for the 10 years that I worked as a social worker. I spent my days helping others, but inside, I felt lost. A feeling that I later would recognize as one that signified a longing for deeper meaning. A deeper meaning that could only come from embracing the gifts that had felt like a burden for my entire life.

For years, I woke up every day saying to myself:

I don’t even know who I am anymore….
I knew this so long ago why didn’t I listen?
How do I get myself out of this mess?

What will people say?
How did I get here?

No matter how I came at my life, it felt like I couldn’t come up for air. Like no matter how hard I tried, I just couldn’t gather enough life inside of me to make a change.

When I look back at those moments, I think about how even at my worst times, the times when I felt like I couldn’t breathe…

I was always looking for the light.


Even though I felt broken and defeated, I could always feel there was a deeper purpose

….There was a deeper purpose fueling me through all of the pain, confusion, and anger that I felt. I realized….I can either commit to my fear, or I can commit to my truth. There is no in between.

I can either acknowledge that I feel the emotions of those around me, and learn to use that to be helpful, or I can continue to feel like someone is handing me a plate of asparagus all day every day (fun fact: asparagus makes me want to vomit!)

So! I followed that little girl in me who looooovvveeeeed Dark Crystal the movie (I still own the DVD!) and I dove head first into a world I knew very little about. I discovered new words like “empath, energy medicine, chakras, intuition” and my favorite word – “Woo.”

The more I learned about the world of metaphysics and healing, the more I felt at home in my life for the first time. I took course after course, became a Reiki Master and a Licensed Massage Therapist.

And as I slowly came out of the shadows, there was no more denying that the lineage of hands on healers who had come before me, had, in fact, passed their gifts onto my hands. 

There’s nothing more beautiful than letting your inner light shine for the world to see. You can spend years fighting it, but it’ll only make your breath shorter, your body hurt more, and every day feel heavier.

I made it through rock bottom moment after rock bottom moment because…

I made it through my darkest moments because I heard that whisper deep down, saying that if I believed I could make it through to the other side, I would. If I told myself I couldn’t, then I wouldn’t.

And even when I felt like I couldn’t take another breath, I listened, and fought for the woman I knew I had it in me to be. Step, by step.

Wherever you are at on your journey…

• whether your body has betrayed you…
• you feel overwhelmed by the world you live in…
• The beliefs you’ve held for so long no longer feel liberating…
• Or you’re just exhausted and confused by this whole thing…

I want you to know that you will find your breath again. You will find your footing. And all it takes is a single moment of light to make that happen.

It’s time for you to receive the support you freely give to others. Take my hand, and let the fears go.
You don’t have to do it alone.


Together, we will walk through wherever you have found yourself and I can assure you that you WILL come out the other side stronger, happier, and more confident in your gifts than you ever knew possible.

The formal details on how I got here:

After working in social work for 10 years, I found myself drawn into the world of healing. I went to school and became a licensed massage therapist, a craniosacral therapy practioner, completed additonal coursework to specialize in oncology care / chronic conditions and became a Reiki Master.

I like to think that my love of theater has guided my healing practice to be much like the arts – it is a dance, a song, a story that we write and share in together.

My unique blend of personal life experience and expert technical training has created a beautiful and holistic practice where every part of who you are gets cared for. 

Ready to wake up feeling excited & in control of your day again?


One of my favorite ways to catch my breath is with guided meditation…

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