Nice to meet you!


we all have the ability to be so much more…

My journey to helping others began after I graduated from the University of Hartford in 1999. For 10 years I worked as a social worker trying to help others heal, while inside I was lost, and I had no words to describe this to anyone. I truly didn’t know what it was until years later…I was longing for deeper meaning, I was longing to find my purpose. But I was hiding because my entire life I had a gift that at times felt like a burden.

For me, I could literally feel the emotions of the person next to me even though we had never met. The burden that comes with these gifts is that it can spiral us “sensitives” into years of confusion, indecision and self-doubt.

I dove into a world I knew very little about. I discovered new words like “empath, energy medicine, chakras, intuition” and my favorite word – “Woo.” The more I learned, the more I needed to discover. I took course after course & found several mentors over the years, however I had always wished for the ONE.  One at the beginning of my journey— the ONE that could help me explain all THIS before I took the VERY long way.  

This path led me to become a Reiki Master and a Licensed Massage Therapist. I finally started to live my purpose and trust my own intuition. I slowly began to come out of the shadows and admit I come from a lineage of hands on healers whose gifts have been passed on to me. I learned there’s vulnerability and strength in being exactly who you are meant to be. There’s nothing more beautiful than letting your inner light shine for the world to see. You can spend years fighting it, but chances are if you’ve read this far, the fight is over, and you are ready to step in.

After opening a massage and energy work practice, I realized I was not alone. Other people are longing to uncover their gifts, find their purpose, develop their own intuition, and to show up every day as the most authentic version of themselves.  The hardest part is knowing where to begin and I can help in all the ways you are wishing for because I wished for this too, I know exactly what you need to move forward on your journey. I AM your “someONE”.

What happy clients are saying

Thank you again, so very much. That work you did today was POWERFUL. I feel like I am ready and aligned with the future that I want to unfold now. I really can feel the difference it made for me. It had deep impact. You are a wonderfully gifted healer. I’ve gotten to experience so many of your talents (massage, craniosacral, readings, supportive friendship) and I am wowed and honored to now have experienced you as a healer.

Wondering what it’s like to work with me?

I partner with my clients.  We address all level of the body emotionally, physically and energetically. We have real conversations about where/when the pain began, and for the emerging empaths we talk about how to manage you’re energetic body when everything around you feels out of control. We come up with plans together and make a commitment to each other. Through these conversations the change begins. Those who were suffering from chronic unexplained pain or a chronic medical condition learn to move beyond their pain and to trust their bodies again. Those struggling with being an empath learn there’s more to it than being “sensitive”.

You don’t have to face this alone. I am here to help. Yes, you will get homework. Yes, you will change physically. Yes, you will change emotionally. YES, this work will change your life. Yes, we can do this work online or in person. It all starts with a YES, lets get started!