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Why a Mala?

Why Mala’s are magical meditation savers and require paperclips….     Mala’s are one of my favorite meditation tools.  What is a mala? So happy you asked…a mala is a long strand of 108 beads traditionally used for meditation. You will typically see a mala as a...

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Releasing Traumatic Energy

I once read “time doesn’t heal anything, it just teaches us to live with the pain”. Such a defeating statement. Whoever authored it didn’t get to the next part of their journey.  Through their their rise... I found myself wishing I could share some space...

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Why Meditation Matters

Debunking all the meditation myths and excuses 😉  Press play to hear why you don't need any books, buddhas, or special spaces to meditate!  I'm doing it in my car. You don't have to wait for things to get perfect to begin. You...

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Empaths, Raincoats & Past Lives

As a child did people often tell you that you were a scaredy-cat or did you notice that you didn’t enjoy loud, busy places? Or maybe you weren’t one of those kids, but you have one. In this episode of the Roots of Awakening Podcast, listen to Ilia discuss why you...

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Mindset Rehab

You KNOW you should be happier. You KNOW you're meant for way MORE than your current day to day life. You KNOW your dreams have meaning and you’re ready to play them out. You KNOW you are tired of thinking it will be “better when” and then life still falls short.  ...

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Heal Your Birth Story

The idea of Heal Your Birth Story came to me while sitting in a prenatal massage certification class many years ago.   Over the days in class...I sat there in circle with many other women, mostly mothers, and day after day each woman shared her unique birth story.  It...

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