A safe space to catch your breath, find your footing, and listen for the answers.

In-person sessions with Ilia in Center City Philly – by appointment only. Scroll down for full offerings.

All healing starts with unconditional love & listening.

I have been trained in everything from the traditional care for chronic pains and illness to the spiritual and alternative care for the whole being. I have learned through the years how to listen deeply. Beneath your words – I listen for the places where your mind, body and Soul are asking for a bit more love and attention, and use the bag of tools I have to nourish them back to health.

With every session, our aim is to restore your connection with the YOU that knows….I can, and I will do this.

Below is a list of services I regularly provide at my office in Center City Philly.

xo, Ilia

Signature Session

A signature session with ilia feels a lot like the perfect hug when you need it most.

During sessions, you may experience:

+ A chakra reading
+ Intuitive guidance
+ Discussing mindset obstacles
+ Identifying old patterns
+ Creating a plan to move towards the life you’re dreaming of

Your signature session can also include various forms of bodywork that are best suited for your needs.

Together you & ilia will choose what you need at the time of your session from the following:

+ Reiki
+ Chakra reading
+ Somatic therapy and/or craniosacral therapy.

After our time together, you will feel lighter, clearer, and more present for the magic of life.

ilia will give you Soul work (homework) to keep you moving towards the vision you are creating for your life.

Self Care Investment:

Initial Signature Session (90 minutes): $157

Continued Journey (follow up sessions):

60-minutes: $108

90-minutes: $157

Past Life Regression Therapy (PLRT)


Imagine the most relaxing meditation meets the most incredible moment of clarity about who you are, why you are the way you are, and understanding about all your little quirks and you’ve got a little idea of what Past Life Regression Therapy is all about.

ilia studied PLRT under the world-leading expert Dr. Brian Weiss. PLRT uses hypnosis and meditation to guide you back in time to your earliest memories and beyond into previous lives.

From this place, you are able to explore how these past experiences impact your current life and find clarity and understanding what to address in your growth and healing to truly move forward.

Often through this experience, you will connect deeply with the experiences that formed the roots of current fear patterns, limitations, and beliefs that may hold you back in this life.

Once you connect your current fears to a past life, those fears, beliefs, and limitations will often disappear. 

Self Care Investment:

Initial Session (2 hours) – $247

Continuing sessions (2 hours) – $247

Ilia is an incredibly skilled practitioner, and you’ll know it from the first five minutes of talking to her. She’s compassionate, intuitive, and her “sneaky deep” approach left me walking out feeling taller, more open, and very much cared for. She’s the best.

Brianna E. | Acupuncturist

I have gone to Ilia for both massage and craniosacral work over the past few years, and can’t recommend either of these services highly enough. Beyond the physical healing component, Ilia always manages to provide healing on a deeper, more energetic level. Her work is part massage, part magic. And she will put anyone at ease.

Devon L. | Director of Education

Working with Ilia has been a godsend…Not only is she a warm and loving person, but she is incredibly insightful and taps into her intuitive gifts in order to customize to her clients their unique and unmet needs. I knew I was struggling along my own personal/spiritual path and the moment Ilia stepped in, things began to quickly change and transform. It was like a dark veil was lifted from my life, and underneath was an untapped goldmine of wisdom and enlightenment, all provided through the wisdom, the tools, and exercises Ilia sent me each week…I would recommend Ilia for your personal, professional, and spiritual needs.

Karen L. | Blogger

Important notes on booking your in-person session:

In person sessions are by appoinment only. 

Initial appointments include “chat time” to complete a health history and a deeper understanding of what your goals are.  Together we create a session you feel comfortable with.  Every session includes a mix of techniques to meet your specific needs. 

*If this is your first session please chose “Initial Appointment“.