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healer, teacher, mama, and founder of Spiritually Curious

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You’ve heard that you’ve got guides, but you’ve never been able to find them.

Which feels weird, since they’re supposed to be the ones guiding you, right? Well, mama, sort of! Sometimes you’ve gotta make the first move.

Ready to meet them?

Good! Because they’re ready to meet you!

Join Ilia for this guided experience to meet your guides and learn how to begin working with them in your daily life.

This FREE meditation experience includes:

  • Introduction to guides – what they are, who they are & how to find them

  • Meditation to meet your unique guides in this life

  • A simple practice to stay connected and communicating with your guides going forward

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Feel like you don’t have guides to connect with?
Everyone has guides, even you!
I promise.

Try this meditation out and see what happens…the worst thing is nothing – the best thing is a team of legitimate superhero’s working with you from now on to make life richer, more meaningful, and clearer than ever.