Ask the tough questions.
Listen for the answers. 
Follow the guidance.

Receive support.


Online one-to-one support with


Stuck in a black hole of questions that never seem to end?
You get the answer to one, and then 30 more come up….

Questions like:

Sometimes I feel like some else is saying things to me – like I hear them, but not hear them…it’s like…a little voice inside my head. Am I going crazy?? What is this??

Why do I feel so much, all the time?! It’s so intense that I can’t even ride the bus to work because it is too overwhelming. Is everyone on the bus feeling this way, and just not saying anything, or is there something going on with me?

Why has absolutely everything in my life just completely fallen to pieces OUT OF NOWHERE. This seems ridiculous….and completely unfair, and unmanageable.

There’s not something wrong with you.
You’re not going crazy.
And this is such a good sign.

You’re going through a massive internal growth spurt!

Yep, they happen even after we’ve graduated college and started our lives.
But it’s a different growth….this is a sign of Soul growth.

If we haven’t met yet – I’m Ilia, and I found myself in this exact same place not too long ago. Questioning everything, feeling overwhelmed, stuck, and paralyzed by big changes that were washing through my life.
You can read my full story here.

Good news, I made it to the other side…and so will you!

As a result of all I learned, I’ve devoted my life to supporting YOU, my spiritually curious one.

My job is to support you as you give voice to those questions keeping you up at night, to create a space where it is safe to listen for the answers – even if they’re hard to hear.

And to set you up with all the tools you need to feed yourself during these intense growing pains so that you come out the other side stronger, clearer, and more purpose driven than ever.

Your Support Menu:

Would you like a chakra reading and guidance on how to balance your specific energetic needs?
Are you a new empath learning how to embrace your gifts?
Are your secretly hiding and would like a safe place to learn how to connect deeply to your higher self?

You’re in the exact right spot, mama.
Lets get started!

Intuitive Guidance & Signature Sessions


A session with ilia feels a lot like the perfect hug when you need it most.

During a session, you may experience:

+ A chakra reading
+ Intuitive guidance
+ Discussing mindset obstacles
+ Identifying old patterns
+ Creating a plan to remove limiting beliefs

Your session may also include various forms of energy work that are best suited for your needs.

Together you & ilia will choose what you need at the time of your session from the following:

+ Reiki
+ Chakra reading/balancing/clearing

After your time together, you’ll feel lighter, clearer, and more present for the magic of life. Depending on your goals ilia will give you Soul work (homework) to keep you moving towards the vision you are creating for your life.

Self Care Investment:

Intuitive Readings + Coaching w/ilia

Initial Session w/ ilia (75 minutes): $199

Follow Up Sessions w/ ilia (60 – or – 45 minutes)

60-minutes: $180

45-minutes: $130

Self Care Investment with the Bridget or Mags Thera : 60 Minute Signature Session: $133

Past Life Regression Journey (PLRJ)

Imagine the most relaxing meditation meets the most incredible moment of clarity about who you are, why you are the way you are, and understanding about all your little quirks and you’ve got a little idea of what Past Life Regression Journey’s are all about. 

ilia studied Past Life Regression Therapy under the world-leading expert Dr. Brian Weiss. During a PLRJ ilia will guide you back in time to your earliest memories and beyond into previous lives.

From this place, you are able to explore how these past experiences impact your current life and find clarity and understanding what to address in your growth and healing to truly move forward.

Often through this experience, you will connect deeply with the experiences that formed the roots of current fear patterns, limitations, and beliefs that may hold you back in this life.

Once you connect your current fears to a past life, those fears, beliefs, and limitations will often disappear. 

Self Care Investment:  (2 hours) – $397

Online Courses


Join me for my online courses where we dive deep into everything your Spiritually Curious soul is craving to know! Are your curious? 

Ilia is amazing! I was so impressed with the accuracy of my reading, and the coaching that I received. There were things that she said to me that were so spot on, even quoting verbatim something that I said to my daughter just the day before. The most impressive part is that Ilia and I had not spoken for months, perhaps even a year before the reading, and out of nowhere she had a complete vision of what was going on in my world. She is so inspirational and sweet and an absolute dear to work with.

Sandy 0

“Ilia is absolutely amazing. I’ve worked with her for over a year and she just did a distance house clearing for me that totally blew my mind. I instantly felt a huge shift not only in my house but in myself that was incredible. Her skill set is powerful—I’ve received intuitive coaching sessions from her as well and every time it is exactly what I need. I highly recommend experiencing this awesomeness for yourself, you won’t regret it!” 

 – Stacy W

I wanted to say how grateful and how taken back I was during my reading. That had been my first ever experience and I was brought to tears with how on point you were. I could not believe that a total stranger could connect with me that well over a phone call. You had definitely put my internal struggles into perspective and helped me have courage to bring them to light. I would be honored to work with you in the future and I can not wait to speak with you again.

Thank you so much for taking the time to speak with me and for the energy you projected.

Nicole S

Ilia is amazing! I have had many readings done in my life and I can say with confidence that she is a rare talent. When I went for my first reading I was struggling with a very intense personal conflict. She picked up on the situation immediately and allowed me to shift my perspective. By allowing my guides to speak through her she helped me find peace. As a person she is compassionate and positive. As an intermediate she is clear direct and professional. I have and will continue to highly recommend her.

Ashley Y

How Online Sessions Work:

Online sessions are by appointment only. During our first chat we will decide what’s best for you. Calls are by phone or zoom call.