Relax into forgiveness.
Slip back into your heart.
Soften into clarity.


Past Life Regression Therapy with



When weeding out a garden, the most important thing to pay attention to is getting the entire root of the weed out of the soil so it doesn’t continue to grow and take up space that would otherwise be used for the new life being planted.

Ever feel like there are sneaky weed roots beneath the surface of your life, quietly taking up the space that should otherwise be devoted to the new seeds of inspiration you plant in any given moment?

Past life regression therapy gives the gift of revealing the deepest roots that need addressing along our healing path so that as we move forward, old weeds don’t choke out the new life we’re planting. 


“We are all angels, temporarily hiding as humans…”

– Brian Weiss

What is past life regression therapy?

Past Life Regression Therapy uses hypnosis and meditation to guide you back in time to your earliest memories and beyond into previous lives.

From this place you are able to explore how these past experiences impact your current life. Often through this experience you will connect deeply with the experiences that formed the roots of current fear patterns, limitations, and beliefs that may hold you back in this life.

Once you connect your current fears to a past life, those fears, beliefs and limitations will often disappear.

Sessions available online and in person in Philadelphia, PA.


Here’s what you can expect:

We’ll start off the session with a conversation to gain a deeper understanding of why you came in and what you would like to work on. Not knowing is a perfectly acceptable reason! Some people are very specific and others just want to see what it’s like. There’s no right or wrong reason to come in.  

This conversation will be followed by a deeply relaxing session that includes hypnosis and guided meditation. You will be in control of your session the entire time, even while under hypnosis. Unlike what you see in movies, no one can make you behave in an odd manner or tell you to believe something you don’t. Hypnosis is an very enjoyable experience, and you will feel completely relaxed and able to communicate with me the entire time.

After a session is a wonderful time to process & integrate the information you learned.  You will be provided with handwritten notes of your session for further review after. Many clients like to journal and look up meanings of symbols they saw, some clients look up dates that were revealed to them and so much more. If it’s your first time you may feel like you imagined the experience and then slowly over the next few days to weeks, confirmations of what you experienced begin to come into your awareness.   

A deep understanding of old patterns or reasons why certain events in your life have occurred in the way they have begin to unfold, and shifts begin to occur in your life.

This process is unique, and there is nothing quite like the perspective and understanding that past life regression brings to your current experiences.

How Sessions Work:

Initial Sessions are 2 hours.

You will be guided through one or more past lives using gentle relaxation and hypnosis techniques, followed by a discussion to process your experience.

Sessions are available remotely or in person in Philadelphia, PA. 

Self Care Investment:

Initial Session – 2 hours –  $247

Follow Up Sessions – 90 Minutes – $197 

Trained with…

Ilia has trained in past life regression therapy with Dr. Brian Weiss – internationally renowned psychiatrist, hynotherapist, and best selling author of Many Lives, Many Masters among many other life changing books on the nature of our lives and the cycles.

To learn more about Dr. Weiss – click here.

To learn more about Ilia’s certifications – click here.

Ilia is amazing! I was so impressed with the accuracy of my reading, and the coaching that I received. There were things that she said to me that were so spot on, even quoting verbatim something that I said to my daughter just the day before. The most impressive part is that Ilia and I had not spoken for months, perhaps even a year before the reading, and out of nowhere she had a complete vision of what was going on in my world. She is so inspirational and sweet and an absolute dear to work with.

Sandy 0

“Ilia is absolutely amazing. I’ve worked with her for over a year and she just did a distance house clearing for me that totally blew my mind. I instantly felt a huge shift not only in my house but in myself that was incredible. Her skill set is powerful—I’ve received intuitive coaching sessions from her as well and every time it is exactly what I need. I highly recommend experiencing this awesomeness for yourself, you won’t regret it!” 

 – Stacy W

I wanted to say how grateful and how taken back I was during my reading. That had been my first ever experience and I was brought to tears with how on point you were. I could not believe that a total stranger could connect with me that well over a phone call. You had definitely put my internal struggles into perspective and helped me have courage to bring them to light. I would be honored to work with you in the future and I can not wait to speak with you again.

Thank you so much for taking the time to speak with me and for the energy you projected.

Nicole S

Ilia is amazing! I have had many readings done in my life and I can say with confidence that she is a rare talent. When I went for my first reading I was struggling with a very intense personal conflict. She picked up on the situation immediately and allowed me to shift my perspective. By allowing my guides to speak through her she helped me find peace. As a person she is compassionate and positive. As an intermediate she is clear direct and professional. I have and will continue to highly recommend her.

Ashley Y